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Helpful Tips and Tools

  1. Integration Partners

    1. Comdata Fuel Card Import
    2. EFS Fuel Card Import
    3. FourKites Tracking
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  2. Cloud Computing and TMS Software In Logistics Today

    1. AVOID These 12 Traits In Your Next TMS Software
  3. AscendPortal

    1. Viewing and Downloading Documents From AscendPortal
    2. AscendPortal for Carriers
  4. Need Help Logging In?

    1. Forgot Username/Password?
    2. Get Login Help
  5. Load Documents

    1. Carrier Confirmation
    2. Customer Confirmation
    3. Driver Confirmation
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  6. Customizing Your Columns

    1. How to Customize Your Table on Load Management
  7. Offer Truly Managed Logistics Services

    1. Offering And Setting Up Managed Services (Or A Customer Portal) With Your Shippers And Logistics Vendors
  8. Benefits of Archiving Your Loads

    1. System Speed - and The Benefits Of Archiving Loads
    2. How to Archive Your Loads (and Why)
  9. True Commercial Mileage Calculation and Routing

    1. PTV Stop Sequence Optimization
    2. Mileage and Route Planning From PTV Group
  10. FSMA Compliance, the STF Rule And the Carmack Amendment

    1. From: DC Velocity "FDA Classifies Brokers as Shippers in Final Rules on Food Transport Safety"
    2. From: 3PL Perspectives "Stuck in the Middle" - Broker Challenges in Transporting Food Under FSMA
  11. Freight Factoring

    1. Axle Payments Factoring For Brokers
    2. Love's Financial Freight Factoring
    3. Triumph Business Capital Seamless Factoring Portal
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  12. Exporting Entity Information

    1. Exporting Your Assets
    2. Exporting Location Entities
    3. Exporting Carrier Entities
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  13. Tips And Tricks Video Section

    1. Tips and Tricks With Cam! Vol. 1
    2. Tips and Tricks with Cam! Vol. 2
  14. Expert Payroll Assistant

    1. Superior Trucking Payroll Service
  15. Clear Unhandled Load Posting API Errors

    1. Clear Unhandled Load Posting API Errors