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How to Archive Your Loads (and Why)

Archiving your loads is simply a way to "put away" your old loads to avoid clutter and to make it easier to navigate your active and current loads in your AscendTMS account. Archived loads are accessible to you and your team at ANY time in the future, and can even be "unarchived" with one simple click if needed. 

There are three main reasons to archive your loads. 

  1. First, you don't want to wade through old loads from months or years ago in your AscendTMS account if you don't need to. It's just added clutter. So, if a load is fully completed (i.e. it's paid by your customer and your driver or carrier is fully settled) then you should archive it - which is like filing it away in your "storage room". You can get to it at ANY time in the future. 
  2. Second, archived loads cannot be changed unless it's by an administrator. So, if you want to "lock" old loads from your team so they cannot change them, then we recommend that you archive them. Again, if a change is needed to an archived load on occasion, an administrator on your team can do that at any time. 

  3. Third, some screens in your AscendTMS account will load faster if you've archived old loads. For example, pulling up 100 current loads into Load Management is a lot faster than also pulling in 100,000 old loads.   

You can archive your loads in two ways:
First, you can do so by right-clicking on a load while on the Load Management screen and then selecting "Archive Load" from our Shortcuts Menu.
Second, you can archive any of your loads while you are in the Accounting area of your AscendTMS.
When you are in the Invoices/Bills, go the Reconcile and Archives tab.
Select the load, or group of loads, then click on the "Archive Load" button.

Please note: An Archived load is still included in reporting (if desired), and can be searched for with the Universal Search feature, using the Search Archived Loads tab under the "Invoices/Bills" section. 
Archived loads cannot be edited unless you are an Administrator. Administrators can unlock an Archived load and then edit the load if required.

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