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Mileage and Route Planning From PTV Group

Operating a transportation business without knowing ahead of time if the proposed travel routes are safe for commercial vehicles is ill-advised and potentially dangerous. Compound that with the fact that poorly planned routes increase costs, increase inefficiency and increase transportation times.

Professional route planning for commercial vehicles differs significantly from that for a normal car or small van. Danger can come in many forms when operating commercial trucks. Choosing a route with low bridges, weight restrictions, narrow streets, one-way streets, and dead ends can all have serious results for a commercial driver and surrounding traffic. Route planning with AscendTMS and PTV Group limits the risk of encountering these dangerous situations by automatically plotting routes that are proven safe for commercial travel.

Accuracy is the goal whenever you calculate distance on a commercial load. If mileage calculations fall short, your income and revenue can suffer, transit time and on-time performance could be negatively affected leading to a domino effect of upset customers, upset drivers, missed or rescheduled appointments, detention, claims and layovers. When extra mileage is calculated into loads and shipments, you could be overcharging customers and carrier services leading to missed opportunities and a damaged reputation.

PTV Group (Planung Transport Verkehr AG) is globally known and trusted in the transportation industry. With over 5000 happy customers, including massive parcel and shipping courier DHL Worldwide, PTV was purchased by Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart in 2017.

PTV Group improves mobility and transport – by using world-class software, data and scientific know-how gained from four decades of experience in planning and optimizing the movement of people and goods. Recognized as a global market player with German technology, they help cities, companies and people save time and money, enhance road safety and minimize the impact on the environment. Based on their unique expertise in every facet of mobility, they support smooth traffic flow.

To read more about PTV Group's company profile, click HERE.

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