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System Speed - and The Benefits Of Archiving Loads

All users can dramatically increase the speed of AscendTMS by simply archiving old loads that have been paid and settled. Archiving just puts old loads "on a shelf" just in case you need them later. You can still search for them, find them, and un-archive them. The bottom line is that archiving just "gets rid of the screen clutter" - making your AscendTMS faster and easier to navigate. 

If you don't archive loads - AscendTMS is pulling in ALL of  your old loads from months or even years ago each time you go to your Load Management screens.  For example, if you do 50 loads each week and never ever archive those loads that are fully paid and settled, then in just 1 year AscendTMS is pulling in all 2,500 old loads onto you Load Management screen every time you go there. 

The good news is that AscendTMS allows users to easily archive your loads as part of your day-to-day activities. BUT DON'T WORRY - Your loads are still there in your account - forever

There are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to archive your loads on a regular basis.

The first reason we recommend archiving your loads is for system efficiency. AscendTMS  is a very robust and highly efficient TMS. Archiving your loads helps ensure that it remains efficient for you personally - and for your entire team.

When you think about it, each load contains data. Though the amount of data that each load contains is relatively small in comparison to other internet files, that data can add up quickly. So if you have hundreds, or even thousands of loads, in your AscendTMS account you see how quickly it can add up. Then add into the equation the number of your users accessing that data throughout the day. With all of that data being accessed over and over again it can put a significant strain on even the best internet networks.

This is why we recommend archiving your loads. Archiving old loads will keep the amount of data traffic on your network down to a minimum.

The other reason we recommend archiving your loads is to protect them from accidental changes. Once a load has finished moving  and has been paid and settled, you typically do not want your staff to make any changes to that load. Archiving the load locks it from being changed. A system administrator can unlock the load so that they, or someone else, can edit the load and then archive again when finished.

If you are experiencing issues with your loads loading slow or being sluggish on the Load Management screen, we highly recommend you archive your loads. You will see a dramatic difference in speed, and stop old loads from being changed by mistake. 

To learn how to archive your loads click here.

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