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Exporting Your Assets

If you’re looking to export a list of your assets from your AscendTMS account, you’ve come to the right place!

To protect you and your business from any rogue employees “stealing” your data, we were asked to tightly lock down this process (the last thing anyone wants is for their customers, drivers, carriers, or location data being exported - and potentially used for nefarious purposes by a bad employee).

To get your exported data, just email or call 813-681-5000 and press option # 2 for Premium Support - and we’ll process the request immediately (usually in a matter of minutes), and get you what you need right away. Our team will just need to verify that you are the administrator of your account before we send you the data.

Again, the reason for this is because we know that your information is very valuable, and we want to ensure it’s kept safe and secured. You don’t want just anyone having access to download your most valuable information, so we eliminate that risk for you.

The amazing AscendTMS Support Team is always here and ready to help you in any way we can!

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