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Transflo Mobile+ for Carriers

Transflo is now integrated into your daily AscendTMS load management activities. Instead of manually collecting and processing paperwork, Transflo automates it for you using the most advanced digital document processing technology. For more information on Transflo, please click HERE.

Transflo Mobile+ Setup & Configuration

To setup Transflo please navigate to your Settings and begin setup by selecting Add or Edit Load Tracking Settings shown below:

From here, you will enter your Carrier Division ID(s) and the authorization token in the fields below accordingly. 

You will find this information within your Transflo Command center or you can reach out to Transflo via email to To complete the integration, you will need your Transflo Carrier Division ID. If you already have a Transflo account but do not know your Division ID, please click on the Request my Division ID and Authorization Token via Email button and an email will be sent automatically to Transflo. When you have entered all division ID's and authorization tokens, click the large green button to save your Transflo settings.

*Note* It is possible for your organization to have multiple carrier divisions registered with Transflo. Transflo may also have multiple authorization tokens assigned to your organization. A small check box is available so that you can enter multiple authorization tokens for the integration.

Register Your Drivers With Transflo

Registering your AscendTMS drivers with Transflo is unbelievably easy. If you are not sure how to add drivers into your TMS, please visit our support article HERE

*Note* If your drivers are already using the Transflo app, please ensure that the email within their Driver Profile of AscendTMS, matches the email they are currently registered with in Transflo. Also, you will add their Driver Number (found in your Transflow Command Center) into their profile shown below:

If your Driver's have not yet been registered with Transflo, you can open the driver profile you wish to register and select the Register With Transflo link at the top here:

This will open the modal below, where you can select the carrier division ID that you would like to register the driver with. They will then receive an email to register.

A successful registration will pop open a green banner at the top of AscendTMS and the Registered with Transflo link at the top of the driver profile will receive a green check mark next to it shown below:

In your drivers list, any driver that has been registered with Transflo will appear with an icon in the Registered with Transflo column here:

Initiate Auto Tracking On Your Load

To unlock the magic of your Transflo Mobile+ integration, start by assigning your Transflo registered driver to a load. If you are not familiar with how to assign a carrier to a load, please visit our support article HERE.

From the Shortcuts menu in Load Management or from the Load Actions bar at the top of the load, you will select Enable Auto-Tracking and the modal below will appear.Once the Transflo tab has been selected, you will then click the large blue Sync Load Data with Transflo button to send your load confirmation to the driver.

Tracking and Document Capture

With Transflo & AscendTMS, you now have 100% digital document capture and tracking on all loads! Everything is kept within your Load Log for easy reference. Once you have initiated auto-tracking on the load (see above) your driver has the ability to update every step of the way via the Transflo app. 

As they are updating the status of the load, this information will return into your AscendTMS automatically and be visible within your Load Log. 

First, you will get an indicator within your Last Contact column letting you know you have updates:

When you click to view updates, you will see your Load Log appear:

To view tracking breadcrumbs, select "View Load Log with map" from your shortcuts menu or Load Actions menu.

*Note: If you are not seeing the breadcrumb trails for tracking please contact TransFlo to have your Automatic breadcrumb tracking turned ON for your account! Please Email to get assistance with this!

Document Capture:

The logistics pipeline has many moving pieces with paperwork for each one. Keeping track of all this information from multiple sources is time-consuming. With Transflo & AscendTMS, it has never been easier!

Now, your driver simply needs to upload a photo of his document(s) into his Transflo app and voila - they are automatically attached to your Load Documents within AscendTMS! 

When a document is received, you will see this in your Load Log:You can select "Click here" to view the document or navigate to your View or Send Load Documents from your Shortcuts menu or Load Actions menu.

If that isn't cool enough, there is ANOTHER place you can manage documents from Transflo within AscendTMS - your Document Management! In Document Processing you will see all incoming documents from Transflo labeled for easy access and processing:

*Note: If you are not receiving documents from the TransFlo App please reach out to TransFLo and make sure you have your account document delivery settings set to API, not Email! Please Email to get assistance with this!

For more information on Document Management, please see our support article HERE.

With well over one million downloads, Transflo Mobile+ is the leading mobile app used by professional drivers across the US and Canada. Combine that with the World's #1 Rated TMS, AscendTMS and you are now 100% digital, 100% of the time! 

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