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Driver Pay Mgt

Search for driver pay records
  1. Fill out any fields you will need for your search. Please enter a date range, whether you would like to run the report based on delivery and/or pickup date, and what driver(s) you are searching for.
  2. Click the “Run Report” button. You will now see a page similar to this:

Filtering the results


Once the results have been revealed, you can filter further by Paid Status or Load Status. Each column also gives you the option of ordering that column's values in ascending or descending order.  

Actions on a driver's pay

 Once you have selected an item from the report, you are able to take the following actions: Approve, Mark as Paid, Mark as Do Not Pay. You have the ability to export the results to an Excel file. A Driver Settlement Report can be exported if you've returned results for a single driver. Please see below for a sample of a driver settlement report:  

Choose files or drag and drop files
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