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The Load Management section of AscendTMS represents six tabs that represent your loads that are in certain load statuses. Every tab serves its own unique purpose and is designed to help you manage your day to day activities more efficiently.

(Please note that the tabs and columns can be customized to suit your needs. To learn how to customize your tabs, please click here. To learn how to customize your columns, please click here.)

When you navigate to the main menu, click on Loads:

 Then select View Loads here:

You should now see your Load Management screen as shown below:

Active Loads

The first tab shows Active Loads. These loads typically have the status of dispatched, in transit, or driver assigned.

Planning Loads

The second tab shows Planning Loads. These loads typically are loads that need a driver, are booked and awaiting confirmation, or are pending.

Ready for Accounting Loads

Ready for Accounting Loads are loads that are typically delivered, paid, to be billed and complete. 

The information for these loads are now ready to be sent to be sent to Accounting Management. This can be done by clicking on the load number and selecting “Send to Accounting Management”.

Misc. Loads

Misc. Loads are loads that are not active or in the planning phases. These loads are typically cancelled or have an actual claim. Though many of users will use this for various load statuses to better suit how they do business.

All Loads

The All Loads tab shows all loads in every load status.

Externally Posted Loads

The Externally Posted Loads tab shows loads from external load boards such as 123Loadboard,, and various others.

Shortcuts Menu

The Shortcuts menu allows you to access a lot of functions you and your team will use every day directly from the Load Management screen.

To access the Shortcuts Menu, right-click anywhere on a load as shown below:

To view more on the Shortcuts Menu, please click here.

Hover Over Data

You can also hover your mouse over the data in each row to reveal additional information such as addresses and phone numbers. The image at the end of each set of data is a clickable image of a clipboard indicating that you can copy and paste that information onto another document.

Load Reports

Did you know that you can run Financial Load Reports on your live loads right from your Load Management screen? That is right! It's as easy as 1...2...3!

1) Select "Load Reports" from the top menu options under any tab in your Load Management view:

2) Select "Financial Line Items Report" as shown below:

OR, select "Financial Load Summary Report" as shown below:

3) Open the downloaded .csv file and manipulate the columns as you see fit for your reporting needs.

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