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Add a Customer

To add a new customer into your AscendTMS  follow the link below:

You will then see the main page to add a new customer:

Enter a Customer name or address in the “Search for a Customer” field. This field searches the internet for a match.  Select the best match and the information will populate the fields.  If you are unable to find the correct entry, you will need to fill out the fields manually.  Click "Save" on the bottom right-hand corner of the page and the new customer will be added into the system.

Additional information can be added into the customer profile, including accounting information, additional customer contacts and any other notes.


Here you will be able to set the credit limit for this customer, payment terms and place them on credit hold if necessary. 

Here you will be able to set the credit limit for this customer, see their available credit reflected accordingly, set the customer's default payment terms and place them on credit hold if necessary.

Set Credit Hold

If there are issues with the customer's credit and you want to notify others within your organizations of this fact just in case they were to add them to a load, you can enable the Credit Hold feature.  To do so, simply toggle to 'Credit Hold Enabled' by clicking on it.

Once selected, you will see the toggle is now red and credit hold is enabled.

This will allow other users to see a warning message indicating that this customer is on a Credit Hold.  Once their credit issues have been worked out, you can disable this feature.  

Additionally, if you or your account Administrator has set any Automated Workflow rules related to customer credit limits, you may be notified that you cannot add a customer to a load due to these settings. For this and many other workflow options, see our Automated Workflow Engine article.

Customer details

Here you will be able to put in the customers MC/FF/MX number as well as their USDOT Number.

Customer Contact List

This is an optional field in the customer profile.  Here you can store contact information for specific individuals at the customer, or include any factoring company information.  

Clicking the 'Add another contact' button shown above will let you enter the name, telephone number, email and fax information.  It is not necessary to enter all of this information to save the contact. 

Any additional contact added will allow you to include the contact in email lists.  This means that whenever you go to email your customer, you have the ability to see each/every contact you have added in that customers profile. 

To make the additional contact email addresses available in the email lists, simply ensure that you have the you have added a check-mark the check-box below:

You will also have the option to make contacts added later the primary contact by clicking the star in the lower right-hand corner. 


The last section of the customer profile is the notes.  This is an optional field where you can include any additional information about the customer.  The private notes will only be visible by other AscendTMS users connected to your account. The public notes will be included on all load documents when the customer is added to a load.

When all information has been entered, click Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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