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Motive ELD Integration Setup

If you are a Motive user, AscendTMS allows you to connect to your Motive account and provides you with visibility to where your trucks are on a per load basis.

The integration can be set up by following the instruction below.

To initiate the integration with Motive

Please do the following:

1. Go to the 'Settings' menu, then select 'Add or Edit Load Tracking Settings'.

You will now be on this page below:

2. Click the "Connect to Motive" button below.

If you have not previously logged in or not actively logged into Motive you will see the page below:

3. Enter your login credentials (if prompted with the window above) and you will then be taken to your's App Marketplace where you can install integrations such as AscendTMS.

 4. Next, please select the Install button below:

You will then be redirected back to where the integration will be fully activated. You will see that you are now connected! 

5. Next, you will need to enter in your Motive Vehicle ID under 'View Power Units' in AscendTMS. For each power unit/truck, you should have a Motive Vehicle ID. (Please note: If you haven't already on-boarded your assets (trucks & ELDs) with Motive, you will need to do so.)

Scroll down to the 'Motive Vehicle ID' field and enter in your Motive Vehicle ID.

Please do this for every power unit/truck you would like to track in AscendTMS.

To locate your Motive Vehicle ID, please log into your Motive account and navigate to the "Vehicles" menu. From here you can your vehicle's details including the Vehicle ID's.

** Please keep in mind that your Vehicle Id's are editable until ELD's in place and connected. If you have edited your Vehicle Id after you input into AscendTMS, please make sure to update with the new ID number**

Using Motive in AscendTMS

To view the location of your power units/trucks:

Once you have completed the Integration Request process and updated your power units/trucks in AscendTMS, you are now able to track them on a per load basis.

1. Make sure to add your Power Units/Trucks to your loads under the "Carrier/Asset Info" tab of the load.

2. Once you have your power units/trucks added to your loads, you can view their locations by going to "View Load Log".

3. Click on "Get Latest Vehicle Location via Motive". This will display a pin drop on the map to where the truck is at this moment in time. Every time you click on the button in the future, it will add a new pin drop. Over time, the pin drops will become a breadcrumb trail.

Disconnecting your Motive' 

Should you wish to disconnect your integrated Motive account from your AscendTMS, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Motive account and you should see your dashboard:

2. Select the Admin option in the upper right-hand corner shown below:

Once selected, you will see your Admin screen:

3. Select the option "Developers" from your Left Menu items:

You will then be taken to this screen: 

You should now see all of the App's you have previously connected from the Motive App Marketplace, including AscendTMS.
4. Next, select "Options" on the far right. 

5. Finally, select "Remove App" to disconnect the link to AscendTMS. 

This modal will pop up:

If you are certain that you would like to disconnect, simply click yes. You will then see the confirmation that the app has been removed, signifying that your Motive is no longer connected to AscendTMS. 

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