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Trucker Tools' Load Track

AscendTMS offers a direct integration with Trucker Tools' Load Track platform. Plan not just for today, but days in the future, quickly and efficiently securing the right load or the optimal truck at the right time. For more information on integrating AscendTMS with Trucker Tools' Load Track please click here.

Once you have successfully connected to Trucker Tools' Load Track within AscendTMS, which takes about 15 seconds, you can start tracking trucks and drivers that you've covered AND your Customer will receive updates also! It's the COOLEST thing you've ever seen - and will boost your profits and automate updates the same day you start using it. For more information on integrating AscendTMS with Trucker Tools' Load Track please click here.

Enabling Trucker Tools' Load Track in AscendTMS

Please following the instructions below to Enable Tracking:

Once your Load is fully built in AscendTMS, ensuring that you have the Carrier/Asset Info page completed with all contact information, you will select "Enable Auto-Tracking" from either the Load Actions menu here: OR, from the Shortcuts Menu on your Load Management Screen, you will select "Enable Auto-Tracking" from here: 

Next, you will see a modal pop up and you will select the "Smart Capacity" tab here: 

Lastly, you will select the Blue Button that says "Enable Smart Capacity Tracking on the Load" here: 

And you are all set! Now, Trucker Tools' will take over the tracking - which you can find in your Load Log by selecting "View Load Log" from either the Shortcuts Menu or Load Actions menu options. 

Customer Updates

Behind the scenes, AscendTMS is sending Trucker Tools' your Customer Primary Contact Email to keep your Customer up to date on the status and location of their shipment - a TOTAL WIN, WIN!

All you need to do is ensure that your Customer Info page of the Load has the correct contact email here: 

and your customer will receive updates each step of the way!

As you may have noticed, you are using "Smart Capacity" functionality and you may be wondering what that product is. For more information on Trucker Tools' Smart Capacity platform and its Integration with AscendTMS, please view our article here.

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