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You are able to associate your driver(s) to a power unit and a trailer in our software. This is called an Asset Group and below you will learn how to create them and assign them to a load.
The purpose of Asset Groups is to allow you and your users to dispatch your drivers and trucks more efficiently. Sometimes your dispatcher knows the truck number they would like to dispatch but can't remember the driver's name.  Sometimes it's the other way around. By connecting the driver and power unit together with an Asset Group, your dispatcher just needs to remember one or the other.  When they assign one of these assets to the proper load, the other asset will be automatically assigned as well.  This saves time and frustration for you and your dispatching team.

Creating an Asset Group

Once you navigate to Assets and select View Asset Groups you will see the option to Add New Asset Groups.

You will see a form where information can be added to create your Asset Group.  You are able to give your Asset Group a name, select the driver(s), power unit, and trailer.

After the drivers and assets have been added to the asset group you have created. Hit the Save button that appears on the bottom right.

To add an asset group that has been created to a load just go to the Carrier Info section of the load.  Where you would normally add a driver to a load, you will be able to select the Asset Group you've created from the drop-down list.  Now all the assets associated with this group are added to the load for you.

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