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Getting Started as an AscendTMS Software Consultant

NOTE: This article is related to our exciting AscendTMS Software Consultant program, which allows you to work full-time or part-time with AscendTMS . See HERE for more details.  

Welcome to The AscendTMS Family!

You are making a great decision. We are the number 1 rated TMS software in the world, so you’ve aligned yourself with the very BEST (see HERE).

We have many very successful referral partners. The one thing they all have in common is a desire to help people and businesses to succeed. If you do that, the monthly income will follow.  

This article will help you to “get started” and succeed, whether you intend to be an AscendTMS consultant full-time or part-time.

Remember, we do ALL the work for you. Your job is to simply spread the word and talk to people. Like a doctor, you need to understand their operational needs and prescribe AscendTMS as the solution for their trucking or logistics business if it’s needed.

The overall program is a simple three-step process as seen below:

Step 1: Understanding AscendTMS

First, you need to understand AscendTMS at a high level. To do this, we simply recommend that you do the following.

  • Go to every page on our website HERE. Read through the pages and just be familiar with what AscendTMS can do.
  •  Watch the AscendTMS videos on YouTube HERE. They will help to bring the pages on our website to life
  • Join our standard live daily training webinars by clicking HERE. You can attend as often as you want and even ask questions. The friendly presenters want YOU to succeed. 
  • Browse our huge and helpful Support Center found HERE. If you or your prospect have a question, you will likely find the answer there (and it’s updated daily).

Step 2: Telling the World About AscendTMS

There are lots of ways to spread the word and we’re sure you can be more creative than we can ? Here are a few ideas that are proven to work: 

  • If you are already in logistics, trucking or shipping, write down a list of the people you already know (such as vendors or customers). Ask yourself which ones would benefit from using a cutting-edge TMS software solution. If you know them, just call or email them and start the conversation. Let them know you are a professional AscendTMS software consultant and you want to know if they are interested in using the world’s #1 rated TMS software. If they say YES and you feel they would be a fit, email us the prospect’s name and details as per the agreement you signed with us. We will attach your name to the lead, and we take over from there.
  • Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and write articles, start threads, post pictures, and start conversations. Invite people to contact you for an initial conversation. It really works, especially as you use social media to have friends tell friends who tell more friends. You will be amazed at how quickly word spreads, especially if you already belong to trucking and logistics groups and forums.
  • Contact brokers, 3PL’s, carriers, and shippers that your FRIENDS work with. Focus on companies with 2 or more employees because if you are going to get paid on referrals it may as well be one with 10, 20, or 30 people rather than 1 person. You are still referring a SINGLE account, but the income generated for you will be greater if the company is larger (and it’s the same amount of work ?).  
  • The more you talk, the more people you will attract and the more referrals you will get (and more referrals mean more income). Remember, once a prospect is tagged to you, it’s YOURS in our system no matter when they get their AscendTMS account. So, if they get their AscendTMS account for 6 months or even 2 years after your initial referral, it’s yours.

Step 3: Getting Credit for Your Referral

  • Getting credit for your referral has never been easier! You will be provided a unique “promo code” that will link all of your referrals to you. The promo code is always unique to the Partner and is branded to the Partner accordingly. Please be sure to get your promo code from the AscendTMS support team before your referral marketing and educational programs start. Your promo code is the key to everything! 😉
  • Once you have this code, you can add this to all of your web properties, marketing and email blasts to ensure that any account created by one of your referral leads is accurately credited to you. 
  • Tell your prospect to simply go to to look around and to get a feel for the TMS software. Let them know that when they are ready to sign up, all they need to do is enter your unique promo code here:

Once the account has been created, with your promo code entered, it will be connected to you and we will take it from there! 😊 And that is it, it is truly THAT easy! 

That’s It! We do everything else for you

AscendTMS will create, from your email, a new lead/referral in our internal system (called “Central”) that are TAGGED to you as the referral source.

We will then:

  • Contact your lead, introduce ourselves and make them feel special.
  • We invite them to a live tour of AscendTMS.
  • We personally answer all of their questions.
  • We discuss pricing. Discounts may be offered to your larger accounts.
  • We do all the training for their entire team.
  • We provide all ongoing support for free.

It’s Easy – If You Try

Our successful outside TMS consultants and internal sales staff are successful if they work the simple program steps above. But like anything, you must try.

Be proud of your association with AscendTMS. We are the world’s most popular TMS and #1 rated (see HERE). We are used by more logistics professionals than any other TMS software, we are well known and have a solid reputation in trucking and logistics.

Again – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! You’ve made a SOLID decision.

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