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EDI Description and The EDI Setup Process

EDI Summary

In a nutshell, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is data moving from one computer system to another, without human interaction. It is fast, efficient and error-free. In transportation and logistics, the majority of EDI comes from shippers sending load tenders to carriers and freight brokers and then getting load status updates back via that same process. However, EDI can also be used to conduct the entire shipper to carrier/broker process, including; quote, book, track and bill. The trading partners decide what items to automate via EDI.

The bottom line is that EDI automates a "human process" and makes it fast and error-free. It is, generally, "set and forget" technology after the initial setup, data mapping and testing is complete. While EDI differs from more modern API technology, it is still the standard used by large shippers, freight brokers and carriers.

A Few Common EDI Data Sets For 
Transportation & Logistics

204 - Load Tender                          997 - Acknowledgement of Transmission/Receipt

214 - Shipment Status                 216 - Shipment Pickup Notification

210 - Freight Invoice                     990 - Load Tender Response

What Is The EDI Setup Process

Fortunately, if you use AscendTMS , we do everything for you. Simply complete the EDI Setup Form, which is available inside AscendTMS. Once completed please e-mail it to

We will then contact your trading partner to start the process. We provide the EDI AS2 server software, the necessary security certificate, we perform the data mapping with your trading partner, we conduct testing with your partner, and finally, we obtain EDI certification with your partner prior to "going live".

Once EDI is live, the data flows in and out of AscendTMS through your custom EDI console. The AscendTMS EDI console is simple to use. Full training will be provided as part of the process at no cost to you.

How Long Does EDI Take To Setup? What Is The Cost?

AscendTMS can get your EDI completed quickly. The hardest part (and where the delays are seen) is getting scheduled with your trading partner to conduct the data mapping, testing and final certification. Large companies often have only one EDI person, and they are tasked with all existing and new EDI connections for their company. However, once they start their side of the process, it usually takes 2 to 8 weeks before we go live with them depending on your trading partner's availability.

AscendTMS charges a simple one-time setup fee of $1500 per trading partner for everything, and then a small ongoing fee of $1.75 per load tendered to you by your trading partner, with a minimum of $100 per month.


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