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AscendTMS uses InstaRate, which allows you to compare the daily rate range averages for the fuel surcharge and line haul based on your route and truck type.

To get started, enter your pickup location(s), your delivery location(s), and select your truck type.  Click “Get Rates."

The first section shows the Daily Rate Range Averages on the left and a Rate Calculator on the right.  The Daily Rate Range Averages rates have been compiled using 3 different national sources. The rates are then averaged and then displayed at low, medium and high. The rates are annualized to level off spikes in the market.  Rates do not include any additional accessorial charges e.g. tarps, forklifts, cranes, pallet exchange or any special equipment.  The Rate Calculator allows you to calculate your own rates and estimate cost for the lane.

The second section displays the Route Summary which shows the pickup location, delivery location, total miles, and vehicle type.  The rates above are based on this route.

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