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AscendSmartTender takes ANY and ALL of your incoming emailed load tenders from ANY customer and we extract the data for you and build the load in your AscendTMS account. FOR YOU, it means NEVER needing to manually enter another load into your TMS again. Oh, and NO document training is needed (we do everything for you). 

So, now your AscendTMS account can handle both traditional electronic EDI load tenders from your customers AND it can turn ANY emailed load tender that you get into a digital load - and create it FOR YOU in your AscendTMS account. 


Are you unsure what all the hype is about with AscendSmartTender? Would a LIVE demonstration help you get started with this extremely dynamic, yet simply executed tool? Join us every Wednesday for a very brief and informal live webinar.

Register for live AscendSmartTender training HERE.


AscendSmartTender takes the load tenders that your customers are already emailing you every day and electronically converts them to fully built loads in your AscendTMS account. 

Imagine not having to hand-type the same information over and over again to build your loads. Think about the time saved on a daily basis. Not to mention the margin of error decreases to almost zero because AscendSmartTender reads all of that information for you digitally - fully eliminating all human error!

And, NO document training is needed (we do everything for you)!!!

How to set up your service :

To begin using AscendSmartTender, simply contact us at and we will have you connected and setup in no time. 

In simple terms, we issue you a unique special email address (called a handle) of your choosing. This handle email address acts as a "catcher" for your incoming load tenders. 

For example, if your company's name is Fantastic Logistics, your handle for incoming load tenders might be

Once you have received this shiny new email from our support team, you have three choices (DON'T WORRY - WE WILL SET IT ALL UP FOR YOU in minutes, and we'll even help you choose the best option for you): 

  1. You can tell your customers to send all their load tenders for you to your handle address. We will then "catch" tenders sent to the handle (24 x 7), read them, and build the load for you in your AscendTMS account. 
  2. You can manually forward to your handle any of your incoming load tenders that your customers email to you. Again, we will then "catch" tenders sent to your handle (24 x 7), read them, and build the load for you in your AscendTMS account. 
  3. You can create a forwarding rule in your email program to automatically forward to your handle any of your incoming load tenders that your customers email to you. Again, we "catch" the tenders sent to your handle (24 x 7), read them, and build the load for you in your AscendTMS account.

AGAIN, DON'T WORRY - WE WILL SET IT ALL UP FOR YOU in minutes 👍. If you don't like it you can always go back to manually entering your loads with a click of a button - so you've got nothing to lose.

That's it! All the email needs to include is a PDF or image version of the load tender as an attachment. AscendSmartTender takes over from there (and you still get the original email in your inbox like usual).

 AscendSmartTender means you're in FULL control. You'll see MORE freight from your customers because you can accept them 24 x 7, you'll never make manual load entry errors, we'll automatically save the load docs in your AscendTMS document management system for you, AND you can stop paying someone to enter your loads for you.

Again, to give AscendSmartTender a try simply contact us at and we will have you setup in minutes - it's that easy. 

How To Use AscendSmartTender Once It's Setup:

So now you have your tenders coming through to your AscendSmartTender handle, now what? Well, here is where it gets exciting!

In your AscendTMS, simply go to the 'EDI /Tenders' menu item, then click on 'Incoming Tenders'.

Here you will see two sections, 'Incoming Tenders' and 'AscendSmartTender - Processing'.

Once your inbound load tender has been processed by AscendSmartTender, it appears on the 'Incoming Tenders' tab. From here, simply click on the tender you are interested in viewing and click the "View / Process Tender" button.

Here you can review that all of the information from the original tender has been read and converted properly. 

Next, you just need to match up the customer and locations (pickup and deliveries) to those entities in your AscendTMS. (Note: you only have to do this once per customer/location. Once matched up, AscendTMS will always remember this information on future load tenders). For more information on processing incoming tenders and load building, see our article HERE.

Finally, just fill out any additional information regarding the load (if you want to) and click on the 'Accept and Build Load' button. Presto! Your tender is now a fully built load in your AscendTMS account.

Also, while your incoming tenders are being processed by AscendSmartTender, you can monitor their progress on the "AscendSmartTender Processing" tab. 

Typically a brand new tender is processed by AscendSmartTender in 5 minutes or less (and often in under 10 seconds). As you use AscendSmartTender more and more, these processing times will decrease rapidly as AscendSmartTender learns more about how your customer's load tenders are sent to you. The more tenders AscendSmartTender sees from the same customer, the smarter it becomes!

Contact us at and LET US SHOW YOU HOW IT WORKS. It'll blow your mind. Why would you want to enter your load tenders manually when WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU 24 x 7 x 365! 😉 🏆

How Much Does AscendSmartTender Cost?

AscendSmartTender is an elective transaction-based service of AscendTMS. This means that users may elect to use the AscendSmartTender service, saving themselves from a ton of manual data entry time and mistakes. Documents sent for processing through AscendSmartTender are subject to a transaction fee of $1.75 each. Transactions are summed up at the end of every month for each Premium AscendTMS account utilizing the service. Charges will be applied separately from regular AscendTMS Premium subscription fees on or about the 1st day of each new month. Ex: documents sent for processing during the month of January will be billed on February 1st.


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