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UPS Capital Cargo Insurance

Nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS. And while you’ve probably never thought of a UPS company for insurance services, their global supply chain expertise uniquely positions them to help protect companies from risk.

AscendTMS is proud to team up with UPS Capital to offer instant cargo insurance quotes and coverage conveniently integrated right into your daily workflow.

  • It’s the FIRST cargo coverage offering for TL, partial, and LTL bought by the individual load in a TMS
  • Use it for dollar 1 coverage or to provide excess liability or gap coverage when you need it for one particular load or one shipper
  • You can bind your coverage and get proof of insurance in real-time for your customer
  • Your coverage is provided by the world’s most trusted source in cargo insurance coverage, UPS Capital.
  • Customizable policies protect shipments and warehoused goods
  • Coverage up to the invoice value of your goods
  • Coverage available in US and Canada regardless of carrier or shipping mode
  • Coverage for concealed damage, expediting expenses, general average losses and more
  • Extended coverage for freight-collect and 3rd party shipments
  • Reimbursement for perishable and time-sensitive goods

To learn all about this exciting new offering from AscendTMS  and to start getting coverage today, see our support topic HERE.

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